Spierings cartilage reamers and bone mill

The Spierings cartilage reamers and bone mill are being required for the processing of allogeneic bone material.

  • Cartilage reamers

    The Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer Set consists of a sterilisation tray, a base plate, a detachable clamp, a screw handle and a splash shield.
    It has been developed to easily fixate bone parts, remove cartilage and sclerotic bone from the femoral head or cut the femoral head into pieces. The set futhermore consists of inverted reamers in 9 different sizes with a diameter of 42 to 58 mm. These are utilized to remove the cartilage from the femoral head. The removal of cartilage improves the remodeling process of the bone and facilitates the osseointegration of the transplant.

  • Bone mill

    Product benefits at a glance

    Five different milling drums for indications of any

    • Extra coarse (10 – 15 mm) and coarse (8 – 10 mm) for large bone particles, for example for the acetabulum or the proximal femur
    • Fine (5 – 8 mm) for small bone particles, for example for the distal femur
    • Extra fine (3 – 5 mm) and extra extra fine (1 – 3 mm) for very small bone particles, for example for the spine surgery or small fillings of the defect

    To receive a high stability of the bone reconstruction the trabecular structure of the bone particles should remain intact. The bone mill guarantees bone particles with an intact trabecular structure as she breaks particles from the bone.

    The teeth of the milling drums feature a unique technology. They are arranged spirally and razor-sharp. Thanks to this progressive, patented construction the bone mill is easy to handle and optimal to use. It can shred a femoral head in less than 30 seconds and even shred deep-frozen bones with the same ease.