Human Femoral Head

The use of allogeneic tissue transplants is a firm component in the therapy of bone defects in orthopaedics and traumatology.

Since more than 23 years the Marburg Bonebank-System has established itself as the standard for the safe supply with thermodisinfected femoral heads in Germany. More than 220,000 implantations worldwide prove the safety and quality of the system. The "thermodisinfected femoral head" produced with the system is available as a pharmaceutical sind 2007.

  • Product overview
    • Only human femoral heads from surgical living donors collected in hospitals in Germany are beeing considered
    • The human femoral head is beeing thermodisinfected and subsequently cryopreserved with the proven and validated Marburg Bonebank-System
    • The thermodisinfected femoral head is approved as a pharmaceutical by the 'Paul-Ehrlich-Institut' since July 12th 2007 (PEI.H03410.01.1)
    • The transplant has a high biological valence
    • The application of allogeneic bone material is represented in the DRG- system
    • The human femoral head is very well suited for the filling of bone defects in the musculoskeletal system
    • The transplant can be stored 2 years at < -20°C
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