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To be able to cover the complete demand for allogeneic bone material Telos offers - beside the proven thermodisinfected femoral heads - also blocks, granules and other molded articles since January 2016.
Naturally the bone material used comes only from surgical living donors from hospitals in Germany.
The ALLOTEC® process - approved for the production of pharmaceuticals - offers maximum preservation of biomechanical and biological properties with regard to bone regeneration while simultaneously removing antigenicity and infection risks.

The expansion of our product portfolio resulted from a close cooperation with the Cells + Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA).

The C+TBA is a charitable organisation which dedicates its time to the extraction, processing and provision of allogeneic tissue of human origin for the medical treatment of patients.

As the largest tissue bank in Austria in the field of musculoskeletal tissue, the C+TBA concentrates on human bone tissue. She belongs to one of the few tissue banks in Europe that monitor and control the whole process from the extraction of the donor material to its processing into allogeneic implants up to its distribution via significant pharmaceutical companies. This way the C+TBA sets quality standards and ensures the fulfilment of defined product qualities.

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