Research & Development

The active membership in work groups and the support of research projects and final papers is very important to us. Over the years we have therefore had the opportunity to be part of a wide range of fascinating projects.

Research projects:

  • Provision of external funds to the tissuebank of the Charité for the „Establishment of a QS-system for the manufacturing and examination of thermodisinfected human-femoral heads (from living donors)“, 2006-2016
  • „Development of an absorbable coating for biomaterial surfaces for the presentation and release of growth factors“ (Innovent, Technologieentwicklung Jena, 2007)
  • „Development of a tissue-compatible longterm-absorbable implant to seal the hernias in the abdominal wall“ (Innovent, Technologieentwicklung Jena, 2008; Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen (AIF))
  • “Development of a clinical score for human femoral heads for the quality assurance within the transplant surgery“ (Drs. Friesecke, Siemssen, Krankenhaus Tabea, Hamburg; Prof. Pruß, Charité, Institut für Transfusionsmedizin, Berlin, 2012)
  • „PET tube for connecting to mega-prosthesis“ (DERN GmbH Norderstedt, Dipl.-Ing. A. Horndt, 2013)
  • Support of the research project „Anti-infective coating for allogneeic bone chips“ (Medical university Innsbruck, 2015) with allogeneic bone material

Work groups/ memberships:

  • Member of the 'Gerhard-Kuentscher-Society', since 1981
  • Sponsor of the German-Japanese Orthopaedic Society, since 1990
  • Sponsor of the German-Korean Orthopaedic Society, since 1990
  • Co-founder of the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament)-Studygroup, 1996
  • Co-founder of the work group „Regional bone bank“ (RKB) (DGOOC), 1999
  • Co-founder of the work group "Antibiotics loaded bone transplant“. Pursuit of the question „Which antibiotics to use with which indication (prophylactical/therapeutical) in proportion to which bone volume?“ (Prof. Jerosch, Neuss, Prof. Katthagen, Dortmund, Dr. Frommelt, Hamburg, et al), 2013


  • Annual organisation and performance of a training event for our custumers (free of cost), since 1999
  • Support of several diploma theses, docoral theses and habilitations