The company "Telos Ltd." was founded 1975 under the name "Olaf Tulaszewski medical devices" and to this day develops innovativ medical devices in the field of orthopaedics and trauma surgery.


  • 1975 Foundation of the company 'Olaf Tulaszewski medical devices'
  • 1976 Development of the "Operating table according to Wittmoser" for the extension and reduction after fractures of the long bones
  • 1977 Foundation of the company "Telos Ltd manufacturing and distribution of medical devices"
  • 1978 Development of the „Stress device“ according to Prof. Scheuba


  • 1983 Foundation of the company Telos USA Ltd.
  • 1984 Development of the artificial ligament „Trevira“
  • 1985 Development of the instruments for the operation with the Trevira ligament
  • 1987 Foundation of the company Telos Japan


  • 1993 Development of the „Marburg Bonebank System“ Lobator sd-1
  • 1996 Development of the control device Lobator sd-2
  • 1997-2017 Cooperation with the Charité Berlin
  • 1999 Certification of Telos according to EN ISO 9001 and 13485


  • 2002 Redesign of the Telos cartilage reamer
  • 2004 Redesign of the Disinfektion-Set (Marburg Bonebank System)
  • 2007 Approval of the "Human femoral head, thermodisinfected, cryopreserved" as a pharmaceutical at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI)

Since 2010

  • Since 2010 Cooperation with the company Spierings Orthopaedics B.V. regarding cartilage reamers and bone mills
  • Since 2012 Cooperation with the company ATG - AT TECHNOLOGIES Ltd with the goal of achieving a nationwide supply with allogeneic bone material in Turkey
  • 2013 Foundation of 'Telos RUS Ltd.' for the support in the countries Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Since 2013 Entry of Telos into the implantological dental sector in cooperation with the company BOTISS dental Ltd
  • Since 2014 Cooperation with the Austrian tissue bank ‚Cells and Tissuebank Austria gGmbH‘
  • 2017 Termination of the cooperation with the Charité Berlin
  • Change of name to "Telos Ltd manufacturing and distribution of medical devices and pharmaceuticals"
  • 2017 Opening of the new poduction facility for the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical "Human femoral head, thermodisinfected, cryopreserved" in Marburg